Iv been working in the IT field for more than ten years. I have started as an help-desk technician, infrastructure support and systems integrator/consultant, datacenter tech and network operations engineer. I’m passionate about networking and security. I’ve spent the last two years working in a datacenter taking over 600+ servers and network equipment in a senior position.

I will be updating my blog the best i can, (time is an issue), sharing information about my studies and research i’ll be conducting along the way. Hope you can find useful information. My belief is that knowledge is meant to be shared, so whatever it is that I’m aware of, I’ll share with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason.




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  1. Thanks for making the effort to churn out this blog. By the way, is there anyway to configure the switch / router to backup the running config whenever a change is being made?

    Appreciate your reply.


    • sorry for the long time reply, iv been very busy, ill start updating this blog soon with switch studies, but yes you can do it in a switch too, same thing.


  2. you are doing good. I am also in enterprise infrastructure field for quite a numbers of years. Currently working in a Cisco partner system integrator company.

    Do email if need brainstorming, i hope i can help and being inspired as well

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    • Thanks for the comment. I havent worked with cisco for quite some time now, been working with brocade for the last year and still need to finish my ccnp r&s.
      can you give me your contact email please so we can get in touch and brainstorm?



  3. hi ….i started CCNP renewal today and found your documents really useful.. thank you very much …great work ….

    can u share the free mind ..mind maps tooo …. it can be so much helpful …u can also email me in my email


  4. Hello Nuno, I have a lot of problems to configure my gns3+virtualbox to study for may CCNA. Do you can help me?
    Thanks for share:)



  5. Thanks for the nice bit of work in the article on Managing MAC Address Table. Getting ready to take SWITCH next week and found your site searching that topic for some review materials.

    Mike Shafer


  6. I want to thank you for the information you have provided here. It’s really helping me study for my route exam.

    Would you ever create post about QOS best practices design?


  7. Hi there, entering the world of networking which certification would you start with? (I did not work in a call center and am making a transition from an general admin function with a lot of software support in the past).


  8. Have you finished your CCNP R&S Exam? I see you left off around Blueprint topic 3.13? Just curious to see if you stopped due to time or just too much information to lay out on here. Loving the information made available today as I study for my Route Exam. I appreciate the hard work!


    • Thanks for your message. It’s sort of on pause duo to time. Have to pick it up very soon though on the route exam and tshoot. I’ll restart posting soon.


  9. Ethernuno,

    Thank you for this amazing blog!

    I am studying for my CCNP Route Exam (300-101) for which you published some documentation here on the blog.

    You have uploaded Part 1, Part 2 and a portion of Part 3 of the exam objectives.

    Could you please share the rest ?

    4.0 VPN Techologies
    5.0 Infrastructure Security
    6.0 Infrastructure Services

    I would gladly appreciate it Ethernuno.


  10. Ethernuno,

    Great work, thank you so much for sharing it!! :)
    I hope you find time to continue your blog.

    I hope it helps others too, I found it very helpful during my preparations.
    (Un)fortunately I shall have my CCNP Route exam in 2 days, but Im still keen to see your blog, it clarified a lot of things in my mind.

    I will advise my friends and colleagues to read your words, so please keep sharing your knowledge :)



  11. Is there a site map other than on the right? If I want to view all of the CCNP content.



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